ONE Accreditation

ONE Athlete Agent Certification

The ONE Athlete Agent Certification was created to establish uniform standards of eligibility and conduct for all Agents, Managers, and/or Advisors seeking to work with ONE athletes. This program ensures that minimum requirements are met and maintained before an agent, manager, and/or advisor is eligible to work with a ONE athlete.

All Agents representing any ONE Championship athlete must be accredited with the ONE Athlete Agent Certification. ONE Championship reserves the right to revoke or deny the accreditation of any agent at its sole discretion.


Athletes are our priority

Our goal is to allow each Athlete the opportunity to select a certified Athlete Agent who has agreed to abide by these Regulations and to represent or advise Athletes honestly, competently, loyally and zealously.

Additionally we strive:

  • To allow each Athlete the opportunity to make better-informed decisions about his/her choice of certified Athlete Agent by making available a comprehensive disclosure of facts relevant to the ability of a person to serve as a fiduciary representative or advisor of Athletes, and by regulating the conduct of those persons who are engaged, on behalf of Athlete Agents, in the functions of an Agent or Advisor or in recruiting and providing services for Athletes;
  • To ensure uniformity and consistency in the rules and standards applicable to Athlete Agents, whose business activities are often national or international in scope, notwithstanding the different, and sometimes inconsistent, laws, rules and regulations of the many national, state, and local jurisdictions that might otherwise govern these activities; and
  • To provide Athletes, Athletes Agents and/or Advisors with fair, cost-effective and expeditious procedures for privately resolving any disputes concerning their relationships, transactions or contractual obligations.


Qualifications and Eligibility Criteria

If you are interested in becoming an accredited Athlete Agent for ONE Championship athletes, please complete the form.